Customize Responsive Navigation

Select your custom responsive Menu/Navigation.

We have developed 17 desktop menus, 7 mobile menus and 119 responsive menus (with combination of desktop & mobile menu, Select you desired menu and download in 1 click.

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Jquery Image Player

Businessess need to develop a video to explain the flow of applications like online internet banking, etc. However In such cases, users can use this "Jquery Image Player". This is an image based player with a look and feel of video player.

Download this jquery plugin and start creating your Image player with a feeling of a video player

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Canvas Shape Tool

Feel the Experience of creating your own artwork or tracing image with live canvas and download the source.

Draw your custom shapes in this tool and get the output in various formats like PNG, JPEG and HTML5 canvas code, Click on the 'view code' button and get HTML5 canvas code.

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CSS3 Icons

We create beautiful icons using CSS/3, which makes your site light and reduce http request

We use only 2 span tags and make an icon. We write the CSS code in the simplest possible way to help you replicate it with ease and enable you to develop your own icons in future.

You don’t require images like: JPG / PNG / GIF or any other external heavy font files, you just need to click on the icon, copy the CSS/3 code and use it on any platform.

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Your Suggestions

(You can also contact us at info@uiplayground.in)

Coming Soon

HTML 5 A nice simple tool for creating vector elements and it will provide you the respective code.

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